We Are The About Co.

We tell stories about you


We are a small, creative  studio who focuses on the power of story. We help you find your voice and tell your story through video.

We are a video production company based in Saginaw, Michigan. We have our roots shooting wedding films. But we love the energy and excitement that comes with telling stories about commercial brands. We love being involved in every aspect of the process; from creative conception, production, filming, editing, motion graphics. We love to chase good light, ask relevant questions, and craft stories that move your audience.


Just a few of our valued clients


Dashing Dish

A healthy lifestyle website and recipe subscription service

We partnered with Katie at Dashing Dish for her website, app, and design rebrand. We crafted video collateral for her website, iPhone and Android apps, social media platforms, and advertising strategy. Katie and her subscribers are an essential voice in the Dashing Dish brand. So our content focused on personal testimonies and Katie, through a series of videos designed to help her share her story and mission.

GLE Precision

Precision Finish and Grinding Facility

GLE-Precision is a global leader in tungsten carbide machining, ceramic machining and other hard exotic materials machined to customer specifications. They specialize in small parts(ID/OD/OAL: .002” [.0508mm] or less), lapping (.4RA [.01016 micron] or less) and precision tolerances (.000003” [.000076mm] or less)

Did you understand any of that? Neither did we.

Our aim was to help GLE show what they do. It’s something that you don’t quite understand until you see it. They wanted to tell about their capabilities in order to grow their client base, as well as help explain what they do to non-industry people.

Saginaw, Mi Video Production

The About Co. specializes in commercial videography for small to mid-size brands, businesses, and non-profits.

What we do

We help you stop the scroll. People are scrolling on their phones all day long. They are swiping through content, trying to find something that grabs their attention and holds their interest. The About Co helps you reach your target customer and stop their scrolling. Our engaging video content will make your page insights happy.